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Energy Auditors Directory List Data

This Energy Audit Directory resource has been compiled using data collected from the internet.

The companies listed in this directory are those found manually using google's search engine for the search-words 'energy audit'. Once found, the content of each company's website is evaluated against key rating criteria, resulting in a star rating (0-5 stars) representing the company's capability & technical capacity to deliver high quality, unbiased energy audits to the public consumer.

Special care has been taken to ensure that all information listed about each company is correctly transposed. In the unlikely event of an error, we apologise in advance. We promise to correct all identified errors promptly. To report errors please contact us.

As is the nature of the internet, company website information can change continually and so we cannot take responsibility for any data omissions or errors that appear in the data published on this site. We therefore recommend that upon narrowing down your search for a particular energy auditor, you contact them directly to confirm that their details are correct.


If we have missed out listing any companies please let us know by visiting our contact page.

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